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Spanish Preterite Tense  v.

340+ common Spanish verbs included Studying Spanish? The Spanish Grammar Preterite Tense app is designed for students learning the Spanish language, specifically the simple past tense. It provides students with a quick and easy reference to the

Collins Spanish Dictionary Complete and Unabridged  v.1.0.1

Looking for the definitive Spanish language dictionary for the Mac?



SpanishUno is a comprehensive software for learning Spanish and is considered one of the most advanced of its kind. SpanishUno is designed by language education specialists and offers a complete online Spanish Language Learning System.

Compose text by letters

Use you mouse for restore initial text. Online exercises for students of English as a Foreign Language, practicing grammar, vocabulary, and idioms. Welcome to the Spanish Language Exercises web page. Language Exercises. Welcome to our website of

SpanishSaver Setup  v.2.0

SpanishSaver is an interactive Spanish Language Learning Software.

Great Promotions for Dish Network  v.1.0

Dish Network Packages are jam-packed with hundreds of television channels and include everything from premium movie channels to digital music and locals, sports programming, Spanish-language programming,

Dish Network TV  v.1.0

Dish Network TV packages are jam-packed with hundreds of television channels including premium movie channels, music channels, local channels, sports channels, Spanish-language programming, high definition channels,

Call Me Now  v.

*** UPDATE 1.5 *** + Bugfix for spanish language + We're working to add custom ringtones support! *** UPDATE 1.4 *** + fixed issue with contacts that were not displayed if no connected with an address + now a fake contact can be added ----- Call

Misal del dA­a  v.

Spanish language missals for Sundays and Feasts Daily Missal obtained online from (In Spanish) _________________ El contacto diario con La Palabra... Misal diario obtenido en línea por medio de (En

EN-ES Deluxe dictionary  v.

The dictionary is powered by one of the most authoritative Spanish language experts - Larousse Editorial, S.L (Barcelona, Spain). It includes the most full and detailed translation articles with usage samples, synonyms and antonyms.

USA Gov  v.

News, updates, and frequently asked questions from USA.Gov. Version 1.1 Adds a Spanish language news

Games for Kids  v.

Thank to Tiger Nono teach your kids about shapes colours letters and numbers ! v2.0 add letter menu v2.1 add a zero in numbers menu v2.2 add spanish language v2.3 Live tiles and add

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